Terms Of Service

In order to provide a premium service, the following terms apply to all services carried out by The Good Neighbour.

1. To secure a booking with The Good Neighbour, a 25% deposit on the total cost of the service is required, before the booking will be confirmed. 

2. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the date that the service is due to commence will incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the total cost of the service.

3. Payment methods accepted include bank deposit or cash. Personal cheques are not accepted.

4. Payment terms are strictly 7 days.

5. A surcharge will be applied in the following instances (and will be advised if they are to be applied):

  •  Services carried out on public holidays will incur a surcharge of $10 per visit

  • Services carried out before the hours of 7am or after 7pm (spring and summer) or 8am and 5pm (autumn and winter)

  • The services of a veterinarian or other third party provider, are required

  • Travel to properties is outside the local proximity, as determined by The Good Neighbour 

6. Bookings for national and state public holidays must be confirmed no later than three weeks prior, to avoid disappointment.

7. Reasonable and safe access to the property must be provided for The Good Neighbour, during the period of service.

8. Where issues with safety exist, the customer must disclose any safety risks to The Good Neighbour, including those relating to animal behavior or the environment in/around the property.

9. The Good Neighbour reserves the right to refuse service if there are concerns over the safety of staff.

10. While all efforts are made by The Good Neighbour to provide basic checks of the property and immediate surrounds, The Good Neighbour is not a security company and cannot guarantee the security of a customer’s property during the service period and cannot be held responsible for the security of the property.

11. While The Good Neighbour takes exceptional care in looking after your home, pets and garden, it cannot be held responsible for home, property or animals in the event of a natural disaster. 

12. In the unlikely event that any animals in the care of The Good Neighbour require veterinary/farrier or other specialist care and attention it is the responsibility of the animal’s owner to finalise these bills upon their arrival home. It is also possible in these cases that these animals will require extra care and attention that was not originally quoted for in the consultation process so the final quoted price will be adjusted to reflect the extra care and attention required.

13. The Good Neighbour will not provide dog walking services if the weather is above 33 degrees or if we are experiencing severe weather such as an electrical storm. In these instances the walks will be postponed until the weather passes or the walks will be re-scheduled. The safety of the animals and personnel will be taken into account at all times when making the decision to postpone the service.

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Exceptional, Personal Care
for your home, pets and garden

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Exceptional, Personal Care
for your home, pets and garden